About us

AURORA proposes the development of some intelligent methods, based upon communities’ and citizens’ cohesion, on the reconstruction of the cultural identities in the communities, on effective identification of the funding sources (especially on European funding, but also on other sources), and on projects writing, projects meant to improve the living conditions in our communities.

As the simple acknowledgement of this status quo does not help at all, AURORA started to get involved into finding solutions and starting projects.

We started by drafting and putting into practice Local Sustainable Development Strategies and we already have some works in various stages of progress in villages and/ or towns from Arad, Bihor and Timis counties, precisely we have completed the works in:

Works in progress:

As we did not have a clear image on the European funding distribution in Romania for 2014 – 2020, as only recently the draft document for the Partnership Agreement has been published, we have started cooperation relations with towns and localities from Serbia (Vrsac and Žitište) and Hungary (Mezokovacshaza and Elek), in order to develop also projects from transborder funding (the Cross Border Cooperation program – CBC, Hu-Ro and Ro-Srb), projects also meant to develop some communities.

In addition, we have already started for our clients a project for the respective communities’ promotion, as destinations for investors from the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Opinions and Recommendations on the AURORA project

The tender seems to me as being very well done. The language is accessible, and the issues the local communities are facing at present are precisely emphasized. In addition, it seems very good that they put the accent on the following: the continuity (consulting all social stakeholders, action plan on 5 years), education (the analphabets’ issue), and local development. Moreover, it is important that they provide consultancy in areas where the local authorities, particularly those from the rural area, are not extremely familiar with – I mean budget predictions, finding partners, getting funding.Andrada Minea, Expert – Ministry of the Administration and Interior

I have always admired pioneering. To be the first who dares to do something, it is probably the highest satisfaction an enterprising nature could have. Keeping the ratios, I cannot tell you what joy I had from this project. An initiative that proposes itself to put at the authorities’ and businessmen’s disposition social and economic indicators – at capillary level – it is part of what I call courage.

I believe a lot in the AURORA project, and – I hope – that everyone could see its value and utility. May you have a lot of success, and I am sure that I hear a lot about this project in the future. Sorana Cristea, Sales Manager - Info World

The AURORA initiative to assist the local economic development by supplying expertise and necessary services is very good. The National Foundation of the Young Managers – FNTM upholds the initiative to promote the modern managerial culture for increasing the local communities welfare. Marius Bostan, President of the National Foundation of the Young Manager and of VMB, member company of the Bucharest Stock Exchange

The AURORA project is an initiative that intends to put at disposition for the Romanian and European public authorities and business environment a set of cultural, social, and economic indicators at level of the Administrative Territorial Unit, calculating the Indicator of the Human Development at this territorial administrative level.

The information obtained and processed in this project are to be put at the local authorities disposition, who, this way, will have a real tool for comparison and follow up of their evolution, of the citizens’ welfare in the community, both at social, and educational or economic levels.

The Arad County Council upholds the AURORA project, and recommends you to become part of it and its beneficiaries. Nicolae Ioţcu, President of Arad County Council